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Model: JG-9500
AC variable frequency motor, 220V 8.6A 3.0HP/MAX7.0HP
Vector-control frequency converter 3HP/7HP MAX
Inclination Motor: 220V 1/7HP Alternating current
Dia of roller: 90mm
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Product Description
● Running program imitating Climbing, cross country, competition, weight loss, Multiple operating   ● modes and measuring fat.
● Handgrip with heart rate induction 
● With USB interface ,TFT card slot
● To monitor the process of re-fresh system, completion tips, picture loss alarm, slope self-test function
● Lock the time and distance, completely protect legitimate rights and interests of customers
● Unique battery management system to ensure that in case the sudden power failure, fast switching on and turning off machines, the treadmill system will continue to operate,to further enhance the system security and stability
● Using multiple isolation protection technology, completely solve the electromagnetic field to bring the touch screen interference
● Stereo system, a 3.5mm headphone output jack, built-in USB HOST, support U disk, USB mouse keyboard
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